Out of sight, but not out of mind.

Good database design means speed, scalability, and adaptability. Macrostrat combines near normal-form with a sound data structure that makes it easy to integrate and analyze diverse datasets.

Open access, down to the fundamental tech.

Macrostrat was built not just for number crunching, but to make exploring and using geological data easy.  Openness starts with the user interface and extends right down to the command line.  Macrostrat is 100% powered by open source software.

Advantages of easy access include easy fixes.

Being able to see the rock record in a whole new way is fun, but the real point of Macrostrat is to make the data better for teaching and research.  See something that you know is wrong?  Don’t complain, help us make it right! It’ll soon be fast and easy.

Seamless integration with new and existing datasets.

Macrostrat was created to leverage modern database and internet technology and to capitalize on a large initial dataset.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Have some coordinates and an age or a lithostratigraphic name?  Integration can be fast and easy with no change to the data.

Room for expansion.  Lots and lots of expansion.

Of course we like the data now in Macrostrat, but they are really only a scaffold.  One of the principal goals of this website is to provide the tools that are necessary to easily and rapidly fill in all of the geographic holes and to expand into new regions.  You can pitch in!